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GoerOctober 13 and 14, 2023
A Friday Workshop 9:30 or 10- 3:30 or 4, ”How Do I Spell That? Improv Pieced Letters.”   with Sarah Goer
Sarah will teach a variety of improvisational piecing techniques and show numerous ways to put those skills together to create improv pieced letters.

And on October 14, Saturday, General Meeting,“Rules and Options of Planned Improv Piecing” with Sarah Goer. Sarah likes options... but she also likes a plan. This lecture and trunk show will discuss how Sarah uses her planning nature to develop rules for herself which drive her Planned Improv quilt design work.

And into 2024, Deborah Boschert, Kristie Naranjo, Mel Beach, and Rachel Derstine will join us!

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Visitors are welcome at our Quarterly General Meetings for a $10.00 fee. Contact Programs@westsidequilterslosangeles.org

Scholarships are available for Westside Quilters workshops. For more information contact the Philanthropy/Education Chair at Philanthropy@WestsideQuiltersLosAngeles.org

Refunds of paid registration fees will be made only if the cancelled space can be filled. We will maintain a waiting list. If we cannot fill the space by our waiting list, you may designate a friend to take your place. Please notify the Program Chair of the name of any substitute. If a replacement for your space is not found, your registration fee will be forfeited.

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Did you get to Road To California 2015 to see the Ontario Convention Center Atrium bedecked with 35 quilts from talented Westside Quilters Members? If not See photos here. ..























Westside Quilters is open to all traditional, contemporary and art quilters of any age, from beginner to expert. Lecture presentations, workshops and field trips are held throughout the year.

Our Mission:
A new kind of quilt guild organized for educational and charitable purposes; to promote cooperation and the exchange of ideas among quilters; to instruct members in methods and techniques of traditional and contemporary creative quilting; to serve mini-groups and their philanthropic endeavors within the community; to inspire personal achievement.

For the time being most of our meetings and workshops are being held over Zoom, but in 2023 we are planning some in-person meetings and workshops. In the meantime We would like to remind everyone to be responsible towards their own and others’ health. Follow the hygiene and travel guidelines and remain vigilant to your wellbeing. Consult your healthcare provider immediately if you feel unwell. We'll get through this together.

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Check our Calendar page often for a complete schedule of lecturers and workshops through 2022.

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For questions or to join our mailing list e-mail to: Westsidequilters@yahoo.com

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Westside Quilters is a Member of
the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds www.sccqq.org

Westside Quilters is tax-exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and classified as a public charity under section 170 of the Code, according to the determination letter dated May 26, 2011 received from the Internal Revenue Service. The effective date of exemption is June 17, 2010. Donations to Westside Quilters are fully tax-deductible for individuals and other entities such as corporations, partnerships, trusts; Westside Quilters also is qualified to accept tax deductible bequests and gifts or transfers of gifts.

Workshop Registration Form
Payments for lectures and/or workshops can be made in several ways:
Online: Paypal - to Westsidequilters@Yahoo.com or Zelle (available through most online banking sites) to Treasurer@WestsideQuiltersLosAngeles.org
By Credit Card - Your info filled out on the Workshop Registration Form and either snail mailed or emailed. Instructions on the form.
By Check to Westside Quilters - instructions on the Workshop Registration Form.
If sending a check and mailing your Registration Form please email our Treasurer at Treasurer@WestsideQuiltersLosAngeles.org to let her know it's on its way.

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Articles of Incorporation

Last Update 9.23.2023


Some of Our Recent Events -

Saturday, September 9, A Sew-in and lecture “Quilting with African Fabrics” with Lisa Shepard Stewart, a writer and designer based in New Jersey. 
See more photos here...


Graves quilt On Saturday, August 12, at our quarterly meeting, we welcomed Julia Graves giving her lecture “Make It Your Own - Design Guidelines for Quilters”
See more photos here...

And the following Saturday, August 19, we enjoyed her workshop "Amazing Abstracts”



Saturday, July 15. we had an in-person handwork workshop with
Susanne Cole, Sewing Arts Center Manager and WQ Member.
"Embellishment on Quilts For a Unique Finish".
See more photos here...




Saturday, June 17, 2023
we had a great pop-up class with WQ Member Rachel Prentiss who taught how to make a Japanese Rice Bag (Komebukuro)
See more photos here...


HaupichFriday, June 9, 2023 we enjoyed our sew in and welcomed Jane Hauprich to give her presentation “How Do I Quilt This?” .
See more photos here...


ShawFriday, May 12, Carole Lyles Shaw
joined us for a workshop and on May 13th for our Quarterly Meeting.
See more photos here...


Barn quilts On April 7 we had a Friday, Sew-in and lecture,
“Barn Quilts” with Suzi Parron
See more photos here...


JonesOn Friday, March 10, 2023
we welcomed Dana Jones for a lecture “Patingabangay: the Quilts and Quiltmakers of Caohagan Island”
See more photos here...



KinmanOn Friday and Saturday, February 10 and 11, 2023 we welcomed MJ Kinman teaching her "Dames and Diamonds" workshop and as the presenter at our Quarterly meeting. See more photos here...




tesSaturday, December 10thwe held our Annual Holliday Tea... outside and in person! for the first time in two years!
See more photos here...


EckmeierFrom our recent on line workshop
"Accidental Landscapes"
with Karen Eckmeier

SimpsonFriday, August 12 - A workshop with Carol Morissey "Fabric Postcards". Here is one of Marianne Simpson's cards.



Our April 8 "Color Workshop
with Jenny Kae


Sharing during our Sew-in on Saturday, March 12th.



Jan Doyle

Saturday, February 5th - our Quarterly Meeting featuring a presentation from Jan Doyle "Quilts and The Underground Railroad"
See more photos here...


CohenFriday, February 4th, 2022 - Our monthly Sew-in which also featured author and scholar Anthony Cohen speaking on the Underground Railroad.
See more photos here...


Friday, October 1, 2021we enjoyed a Friday workshop
A Friday Workshop with Catherine Redford. "Walking Foot Quilting- Beyond the Ditch"And on Saturday, October 2, 10am - 12pm
Catherine Redford also joined us for a presentation at our Quarterly Meeting over Zoom. \

skiles August 6th and 7th, 2021we welcomed Norene Skiles for a Friday lecture "Use It All" and for our Saturday Quarterly meeting where she talked about designing, ordering and using fabric from Spoonflower.com.
See more photos here...

Saturday, May 1, 2021

At Our Quarterly Meeting WQ we welcomed Trudy Cleveland on
"How to Shoot your Quilt".
And... the Quilters' Showcase is now online here

HollisFriday, April 30, 2021 We enjoyed a lecture
fromInternationally known art quilter, teacher and humanitarian Hollis Chatelain whose presentation, was "Influences of Africa"