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February 8, 2013

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Amy Barer Giving Bunny Project Cathy Seidman Still Life
Betty Seinfeld "Baby Boy Becker Quilt" Betty Seinfeld Baby Boy Becker Quilt Back Luann Jaffe "Easter Bunny"
Betty Seinfeld"Elizabeth's College Quilt" Betty Seidfeld "Elizabeth's College Quilt" Back Luann Jaffe "Little Red Annie"
Luann Jaffe Untitled Jennie Lou Kraft "Briards" Jennie Lou Kraft "Briards" Back
Debbie Nussbaum Floral Pillow
from Jean Impey Workshop
Madeline Ehrlich Floral Vest
from Jean Impey Workshop
Nancy Sharpe "Surf's Up"
Amy Barer - Shela Frampton Cooper Workshop Bobbie Leong from Sheila Frampton-Cooper Workshop Brenda Gottfried "Sun Rise"
from Sheila Frampton-Cooper Workshop
Marianne Simpson -Sheila Frampton Cooper Workshop Perla Rothenberg "Doggone It"
Tina Nord "Williamsburg Star" Stephanie Horsley "Williamsburg Star" Sherry Kleinman "Orange Zebra"
Sally Madigan Antique Bird in the air Quilt Sally Wright "Windowscape" Tina Nord Pearl Bracelet Kid's Quilt 1
Tina Nord Pearl Bracelet Kid's Quilt 2 Virginia Marshall "Butterfly- Fly-Fly" Virginia Marshall "The Peony in My Garden"
Virginia Marshall "Sunflower" Nancy King "Cooper's Quilt" Nikki Schenck "Phoebe's Quilt"
Kim Ryan "Love" Pillow Kim Ryan "Cactus Flowers" Marianne Simpson "Love" Pillow
Marianne Simpson "Garden Menagerie" Marianne Simpson "Garden Party in a Vase" Kim Ryan Jean Impey Workshop