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November 11, 2017

"Giving For Thanksgiving" Philanthropy Day

October 20, 2017

Friday Workshop "Making Prints Out of Solids" with Maria Shell

Shell Shell Shell
Shell Shell Shell
Shell Shell Shell
Shell Shell  
September 16, 2017

Saturday Workshop "At The Beach" with Tina Curran

Tina Curran Tina Curran Tina Curran
Tina Curran Tina Curran
Tina Curran
August 5, 2017

Saturday General Meeting with Laura Wasilowski

August 2017 Laura August 2017
August 2017 August 2017 August 2017
  August 2017  
August 4, 2017

Friday Workshop with Laura Wasilowski "Accidental Artist"

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wasilowski wasilowski wasilowski
wasilowski wasilowski wasilowski
wasilowski wasilowski wasilowski
 wasilowski wasilowski wasilowski
May 13, 2017

Saturday General Meeting with Rami Kim

may 13 rami rami
may 13 may 13 may 13
may 13 rami  
May 12, 2017

Friday Workshop with Rami Kim

rami rami rami
rami rami rami
rami rami rami
rami rami
rami rami rami
rami rami rami
rami rami rami
April 22, 2017

Saturday Workshop with Grace Errea

erre errea Errea
errea errea errea
errea errea errea
March 11, 2017

Saturday Workshop with Cathie Hoover

Hoover Hoover Hoover quilt
Hoover Hoover Hoover
Hoover Hoover Hoover
February 5, 2017

Saturday General Meeting with Marcia Stein

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February 4, 2017

Friday Workshop "Picture This" With Marcia Stein

stein stein stein
stein stein stein
stein stein stein
stein stein stein
stein stein stein
stein stein stein
December 3, 2016

The 2016 Holiday Tea

holiday tea holiday tea  
November 12, 2016

Philanthropy Workshop "Giving For Thanksgiving"

16" Quilts for Dollies Making A Difference

philanthropy 4 philanthropy 2 philanthropy 3
philanthropy 1 dollies quilt dollies quilt
dollies quilt dollies quilt dollies quilt
dollies quilt dollies quilt dollies quilt
dollies quilt dollies quilt dollies quilt
dollies quilt dollies quilt  
October 22, 2016 Quarterly Meeting with Jan Krentz  
mtg mtg mtg
mtg mtg mtg
mtg mtg mtg
mtg mtg mtg
October 21, 2016 Workshop with Jan Krentz - "Love That Lone Star"  
Krentz 3 book Krentz 7
Krentz Krentz 9 Krentz 5
Krentz 4 Krentz 8 Krentz 2
  Krentz 6  
September 17, 2016 Westside Quilters "Sew-in" at St. Andrew's  
Sew in 3 sew in 7 sew in 10
sew in 2 sew in 6 sew in 4
sew in 8 sew in 9 sew in 1
  sew in 5  
August 20, 2016 Quarterly General Meeting with Lura Schwarz Smith  
Dollies Dollies 2 demo
August 18-19, 2016 "Designing Wall Quilts" Workshop with Lura Schwarz Smith  
workshop 6 workshop 10 workshop 9
workshop 7 workshop 5 workshop 1
workshop 4 workshop 8 workshop 3
workshop 11 Workshop 2 book
June 4, 2016 "Glam Clam" Workshop with Latifah Saafir  
Latifah 10 Latifah 7 Latifah 6
Latifah Latifah 13 Latifah 8
Latifah 5 Latifah 11 Latifah 9
Latifah 2 Latifah 14 Latifah 12
Latifah 3 Latifah 4  
Saturday, May 14, 2016 Quarterly General Meeting wtih Jerry Granata  
granata granata Granata
Friday, May 13, 2016 "Quilting With unusual Fabrics " wtih Jerry Granata  
granata Granata granata
granata Granata GRanata
Granata Granata granata
Saturday April 16, 2016 "Cactus Flower Table Runner " wtih Cindy Myers  
myers myers myers
myers myers  
Saturday March 12, 2016 Kathryn Pellman "Fashionistas: Paper Dolls for Grownups" with  



pellman pellman
pellman pellman pellman
Saturday February 6, 2016 Quarterly General Meeting with speaker Luke Haynes  
haynes haynes haynes
haynes haynes  
February 5, 2016 "Log Cabin Condo" with Luke Haynes Annual UFO    
Luke Haynes haynes log cabin haynes
haynes haynes haynes
haynes haynes haynes
haynes   Sally and roberta
Saturday January 16, 2016 Annual UFO Workshop  
Saturday December 5, 2015 Westside Quilters Annual Holiday Tea  
2015 tea tea tea
tea tea tea
tea tea tea
November 7, 2015 Annual Philanthropy Workshop  
philanthropy philanthropy philanthropy
60 Quilts and Counting..... Philanthropy Co-Chairs Hilary Smith, Carol Kapuscinski, Suzanne Woods The hand sewing table
philanthropy philanthropy philanthropy
Machine sewers...    
October 17, 2015 Saturday General Meeting with Mark Lipinski  
lipinski 11 lipinski 7 lipinski9
Mark Lipinski and Luke Haynes helping with Quilters' Showcase Roberta Walley's
hayenes roberta lipinski 12
linda southbay  
October 16, 2015 Workshop with Mark Lipinski - "Stars and Stripes"  
lipin ski quilt lunch
lipinski 2 lipinski lipinski
lipinski lipinski 6 lipinski 7
September 19, 2015 Workshop with Larene Smith "Jammin Jelly Sensations"  
smith 1 smith 2 smith 3
smith 4 smith 5 smith 6
August 15, 2015 General Meeting with Showcase - SAQA Trunk Show
and speaker Irena Bluhm
August 14, 2015 Workshop with Irena Bluhm "Quilts of Another Color"  
June 20, 2015 Workshop with Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli "Cut-Away Applique'"  
tosc 6 sewrape pumpkin
tosc 9 tosc 10 tosc 2
tosc 1 tosc4 tosc
tosc8 tosc 3 tosc5
May 2, 2015 General Meeting with Showcase by Lois Rose Rose on "Solomon's Knot" Demo by Lisa Redmond and featured speaker Charlotte Angotti  
May 1, 2015 "Let Me SurpriseYou" Workshop with Charlotte Angotti  
April 11, 2015 "Zentangles" Workshop
with Sharla Hicks
zen zen zen
zen zen zen
zen zen zen
zen zen zen
zen zen  
March 14, 2015 "Ribbonwork Garden" Workshop
with Christen Brown
February 7, 2015 Quarterly Meeting with Debbie Maddy  
February 6, 2015 "Labyrinth" Workshop with Debbie Maddy  
January 22-25 , 2015 Road to California Atrium Exhibit featuring
Westside Quilters.
January 10 , 2014 UFO Workshop with Pat Karasick  
December 6 , 2014 4TH Annual Westside Quilters Holiday Tea  
November 8 , 2014

Our Annual "Giving For Thanksgiving"
Philanthropy Workshop


77 quilts finished with machine quilting, bindings and labels ready to be sent to St. Joseph's Center, Para Los Ninos, and Las Familias....
  Philanthropy Co-chairs Tanya Heldman and Debbie Nussbaum presenting quilts to the Director of Las Familias Del Pueblo in Downtown LA .  
Philanthropy Co-chair Tanya Heldman and WQ Member Karen Johnson presenting kid's quilts to Para Los Ninos in Downtoen LA. Philanthropy Co-chair Debbie Nussbaum and WQ Member Lisa Drew presenting kid's quilts to St. Joseph's Center in Venice. Roberta Walley's photo.  
October 18 , 2014 Quarterly General Meeting Fashion Show with Lisa Coulombe
September 20, 2014 Workshop with Ann Turley "Making Faces"  
August 16 , 2014 Quarterly General Meeting with Laurel Anderson and Quilts on the Wall Trunk Show  
Perla Rothenberg's first meeting as President of WQ Laurel Anderson Laurel Anderson
Quilts on the Wall Trunk Show- Linda Friedman Quilts on the Wall Trunk Show - Linda Stone Quilts on the Wall Trunk Show - Carolyn Villars
Quilts on the Wall Trunk Show- Beth Shibley Quilts on the Wall Trunk Show- Sally Wright  
August 15 , 2014 Workshop with Laurel Anderson - "How to Cheat at Applique' "
July 18, 2014 Field Trip to Hoffman Fabrics in Mission Viejo  
June 21, 2014 Workshop with Patt Blair "Painting Fabrics with Inks"
May 4-5, 2014 2-Day Workshop with Jane Sassaman "AbstractingFrom Nature"
Student Work....
April 12 , 2014

Andi Perejda - "Arashi Shibori Dyeing"

March 14, 2014

Natalie Barnes from Beyond the Reef
Workshop "Rotary Cutting with No Rule(r)s

February 8, 2014 Sheila Frampton-Copper Workshop at our Quarterly General Meeting  
February 7 , 2014 Sheila Frampton-Copper Workshop:
"Express Your True Self: One Piece at a Time"
January 11 , 2014 "Garden Party Quilt" with Jean Impey  
December 8 , 2013 3rd Annual Holiday Tea    
November 9, 2013 "Giving for Thanksgiving" Philanthropy Workshop Children's quilts and "Little Dresses for Africa"  
instructions to make "Little Dresses for Africa" are on the Philanthropy page.
October 11, 2013 Workshop with Sue Rasmussen
"Paper pieced Curved Flying Geese"
Marianne Simpon's Geese Sally Wright's Geese
October 12, 2013 General Meeting with
Sue Rsmussen, Quilters' Emporium, Linda Miller
September 18, 2013 Workshop with Jenny Carr Kinney
"Qulting Designs from the Past"
August 17 , 2013 Quarterly Meeting with Sharon Schamber    

Showcase Speaker -Jean Impey from
The Sewing Party, Laguna Hills

WQ Member Stephanie Horsley demod Hand Piecing    
WQ Member Megan Evans presented work from The Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild    
August 16 , 2013 Free Motion Feathers Workshop with Sharon Schamber    
June 7, 2013 Sashiko Workshop with Nancy Ota
May 18, 2013 General Meeting with Pam Holland  
Showcase Speaker - Aristeia Needlepoint    
Demo ftom Lisa Redmond - Machine binding    
May 17, 2013 Workshop with Pam Holland "Illustrated Quilting"  
April 5 and 6, 2013 Workshops with Ursula Kern    
March 9 , 2013 Charity Quilt Seminar    
Luella Fournell, Keiko Tapp, Maureen Gardner and Sylvia Davis shared ideas for quick easy patterns for charity quilts.
February 8, 2013 Workshop with Lenore Crawford "Fusing and Fabric Painting  
January 11 Workshop with Sylvia Davis
"The 1001 Scraps Quilt"  
Quilts for Hurricane Sandy victims- December, 2012    
Stack of quilts on the way to be shipped to Pieceful Shores Quilt Guild in New Jersey Tina Nord and Sally Wright Madhu Mandavia
Thanks to everyone who participated : Sally Wright, Tina Nord, Sue Woods, Sandy Ray, Luanne Jaffe, Karen Rakita, Madhu Mandavia and Pepper Libow.  
Karen Rakita    
December 8, 2012 Second Annual WQ Holliday Tea
November 10, 2012 "Giving For Thanksgiving"
Philanthropy workshop making therapeutic heart pillows for recovering breast cancer surgery patients.  
October 12,, 2012 General Meeting with Julie Silber and Alicia Campbell
Program Co-Chair Sharon Whelan and Heart Pillows for the November 10 philanthopy Workshop Quilt Historian Julie Silber Julie's Quilts...
Julie's Quilts... Julie's Quilts... Julie's Quilts...
Programs Co-chair Roberta walley South Bay Quilters Opportunity Quilt
"Parade of Baskets"
Alicia Campbell "The Batty Lady"
September 22, 2012 Workshop with Pat Rollie
"Free Motion thread Design"
August 11, 2012 General Meeting with Judy Sisneros
President Tina Nord Heart Pillows for November Philanthropy Workshop
Peggy, Sharon and Roberta
Philanthropy Chair Peggy Belcher-Dixon
Judy Sisneros    
Showcase Speaker Tina Curran Tina's Christmas Flag Quilt  
August 10workshop with Judy Sisneros- "Circle Pizzazz"    
June 23 workshop with Linda Schmidt - "Earth"
May 12, 2012 General Meeting with Sally Collins
The outgoing Executive Board VP Aileen Cooke New Members Lisa and Erica
Lauren Hawley of Sew Modern   Programs Co-chair Roberta Walley
Sally Collins    
Workshop with Sally Collins,
May 11, 2012
"My Stars "  
Workshop with Anelie Belden,
March 17, 2012
"Thoroughly Modern Dresden"
Workshop with David Taylor, February 12, 2012    
General Meeting with David Taylor & Don Beld,
February 11, 2012
David Taylor with Sally Wright, Presuident and Roberta Walley, program Co-Chair David and Roberta David's newest quilt
"Up, Up and Away" "Marmalade's First Snow" Aileen Cooke's scrap rug demo
Don Beld - Civil War Quilts Nebraska Quilt Drunkard's Path
Quilts of Valor Pot holder Quilt
January 7, 2012 - Workshop with Sylvia Davis
"4 Fat Quarters in Harmony"
December 3, 2011 - First annual WQ Holiday Tea    
October 22, 2011 General Meeting with Beth Murphy and Nick Coman
Beth murphy of Pincushion Boutique
"Sweet Treats" from Pincushion Boutique Shopping
Tina and Marianne Nick Coman
Nick Coman and his "Decolorant" treated T Shirt Rosemary, Madhu and Rosemary
September 10, 2011 Workshop with
Zena Thorpe "Embellished Letters"
Westside Quilters General Meeting with
lecturer Zena Thorpe and a showcase by Nancy Green of Pink Sand Beach Designs -
Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zena Thorpe

Nancy Green
Freddy Moran Workshop,
The Parts Department
, May 20, 2011
Sherry Davis Kleinman Workshop, Exploring Watercolors on Fabric , April 29, 2011    
Sylvia Davis Kumasi Star Workshop,
March 11, 2011

Sylvia's Flippy Strippy Christmas
Pattern available on the Members Only page


Extraordinary Applique' with Margarete Heinisch
February 12, 2011
Rene Jennings Workshop January 14, 2011
Mary Whitehead's Gordian Knot  
WQ Bus Trip to the Bowers Museum and M&L Fabrics. December 4, 2010
The Bowers Museum is showing the highlights of their quilt collection. Quilts: Two Centuries of American Tradition and Technique, curated by Julia D. Zgliniec, will be on exhibit from July 3rd through March 28, 2011.

Westside Quilters Inaugural Meeting October 9, 2010 with Special Guest Carol Taylor
WQ Fundraiser August, 2010 Fowler Museum and Del Thomas Collection of Contemporary Quilts.