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The Next Westside Quilters' General Meeting

Saturday, March 9, 2019

9:30 Social Time and Demo
10:00 Meeting and Program

Meeting Location TBD!

Guests are welcome at our Quarterly Meetings for a $10:00 fee.

Showcase Speaker - Roxanna Martell of Days for Girls

Demo - Pat Karasick will Demo a Thread Catcher.

Our Featured Speaker

Australian Quilter and Author
Jenny Bowker

"Pack and Follow - My Life in Quilts"


Jenny Bowker has been working in Textiles since 1997 - from the time she finished a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Visual) and decided to make just one quilt.

Her background - life before quilts - was in science. She is moving towards a melding of her fine art work and my textile work and she is interested in the way pattern comes into many parts of our lives. She often includes some geometrical piecing in her work as she thinks it keeps her technically on her toes and provides a key for traditional quilters to link to her work.

Jenny has four children and a very supportive husband who worked as a diplomat for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. While following him she lived a total of fifteen years in Arab and Islamic countries. She says "This might seem irrelevant to quilting, but has influenced my subject matter and much of my work reflects my love of the Middle East. I have lived in Syria, Western Samoa, Malaysia, Jordan, Jerusalem and Egypt."

Jenny enjoys her teach saying "There is no greater delight than to offer tools to a quilter who wants to make original work but doesn't know how to access her own ideas."

She has also been instrumental in bringing the Tentmakers of Cairo to the United States and around the world where these talented men have found a whole new outlet for their art and talent.

She lives in Canberra, Australia with her husband

Jenny will also be teaching her 2 day workshop "Shimmering Triangles" on March 8 and the afternoon of March 9th. For more information see the Calendar Page



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