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February 1, 2020

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Bohnhoff King Pelmen
Vicki Bohnhoff CookieTin Project Nancy King "Mod Cats" Kathryn Pelman - "Word Salad" Quilts
Pelman Leung Leung
Kathryn Pelman - "Word Salad" Quilts Bobbi Leung - Macnamara class samples Bobbi Leung - Macnamara class samples
Ryan Lauterbach Lauterbach
Kim Ryan - "Merry Christmas" Sandra Lauterbach Sandra Lauterbach
Leong Simpson Luann
Alison Leong Schibble #4 Marianne Simpson - Macnamara class samples Luann Jaffe - Jellyroll Quilt
Simpson Newmann Walley
Marianne Simpson - Road to California class samples Evi Newmann - "My Definition of a Crazy Quilt" Roberta Walley - Japanese Man
walley Wiegold Simpson
Roberta Walley Charity quilt Barbara Wiegold Marianne Simpson - Halloween Table Runner
Simpson Simpson Abramovitz
Marianne Simpson - Road to California class samples Marianne Simpson "Chicken Coop" Sandra Abramowitz - "Tree of Life"
Cassetta Leong



Prima Casetta "Plaid Whirligig" Alison Leong "Stepping Stones" Annette Levey "Shimmers"
blake blake blake
Bobbi Blake - "Baby Triangles" Bobbi Blake - "Starry Nigh Santa " Bobbi Blake
MArom-pollack Marom MArom
Barbara Marom-Pollack - Project from Mary Tabar's Class Barbara Marom-Pollack- Project from Cindy Grisdela Class Barbara Marom-Pollack "Tree of Life"
Carol Marshall Marshall
Carol Garacochea's Cairo Tentmakers'quilts. Virginia Marshall "Flight Plan" Virginia Marshall - "Ombre Overload"
Randall Dittmar Bohnhoff
Matt Randall Karynn Dittmar "Freddy's Flowers" Vicki Bohnhoff
Dittmar Wirgold Walley
Karynn Dittmar "Flo" Barbara Wiegold Roberta Walley "Nijo Castle Lantern"