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August 5, 2017

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From the Laura Wasilowski Workshop    
wasilowski wasilowski Wasilowski
Kim Ryan, Marianne Simpson, Cathy Seidman, Roberta Walley   Sue Correll
  Debbie Nussbaum  
Other Members' Quilts    
abaramovitz Sandra Abramovitz Walley
Sandra Abramovitz
Sandra Abramovitz Roberta Walley
walley blake blake
Roberta Walley Lantern in Japan Bobbie Blake Embroidered Book Bobbie Blake Sunbonnet Sue Doll
Blake GArdner Gardner
Bobbie Blake Sunbonnet Sue Maureen Gardner - Windmill Maureen Gardner - Mardi Gras
Karasick Lauterbach Lauterbach
Pat Karasick Vintage Baskets Sandra Lauterbach Sandra Lauterbach
Lauterbach Jaffe Marks
Sandra Lauterbach Luann Jaffe Daisy Marks - Zipper
Jaffe Marks Pollack
Luann Jaffe Daisy Marks Barbara Maron-Pollack- Changing the View Outside My Window
Nussbaum Pellman Pellman
Debbie Nussbaum - Veggies Kathryn Pellman
Kathryn Pellman - Phone Calls Real and imagineds
Rakita Simpson Simpson
Karen Rakita - Lone Star Marianne Simpson - Lighthouses
Marianne Simpson - WWEdding Quilt
Wright Wright City

Wright Antiques
Sally Wright -Chopkey I Sally Wright - The Emerald City
Sally Wright - Some of My Best Friends Are Antiques